The City as an Archive

Exhibition • 2017

The City as an Archive


I contributed to the exhibition with my colleagues in the studio “Spaces of Collections”.

My Role

Exhibition design

Exhibition arrangement


Rhinoceros 3D

Laser Cutting

Wood work





Mark Pimlott

Susanne Pietsch



Prinsenkwartier, Delft (2017)

Prinsenkwartier, Delft (2017)

Prinsenkwartier, Delft (2017)

Organising an exhibition

Architecture students in the graduation studio ’Spaces of Collection’ of the Chair of Interiors Buildings Cities presented their thoughts and work in the exhibition room of Prinsenkwartier, Delft, 2017.

More information on the exhibition can be found here.

We designed, planned and set up the exhibition “the City as an Archive”, which included:

  • mapping the development of the city over centuries;
  • panoramas of numerous collections within Delft and the university;
  • laser-cut models of buildings in other cities which inspired our thoughts.
  • wood models of our own projects in the historical centre dedicated to collections.

Study maquette of the exhibition, © Spaces of Collection

Designing booklet and label

I designed the booklet template for individual projects. After studying the visual language of the studio “Interiors, Buildings and Cities”, I was inspired by its clean and simple style: a playful mixture between several sentences and one image.

I also designed the label template for each item. The idea was to provide several labels for each exhibited item, which contained a title and a description of the item. Visitors could take one label from an item that they were interested in to talk about it with our team at the opening café.

Booklet design

Label design

Leaflet at the exhibition

Laser cutting models

I used laser cutting to build the model for the exhibition. In order to emphasise the parts that I focused on, I made a distinction in material between the target room/hall and the rest.

Model of Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

Model of Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

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